Management Analyst 

Job duties: 

·      Analyze business or operating procedures to device most the efficient methods of accomplishing operation and sales goals, and prepare recommendations for implementation of new business systems, procedures or organizational changes 

·      Clarify operating objectives, identify constraints and variables, build simulation models for the purpose of operation process improvement, analyze current resources allocation and manager’s recommendation for improvement in efficiency and profitability for products and services offered by the petitioner; develop new procedures to maximize workflow efficiency


·      Keep all pertinent dada current used by market analysis and marketing strategy within petitioner’s current business plan; collect information to plan for business expansion; conduct market analysis and develop marketing strategy for the company’s long-term development, such as website design, mobile application development and brochure design and social marketing platform

·      Plan, execute and communicate sales promotions and new product information effectively and efficiently; maintain and utilize daily, weekly, quarterly and annual financial reporting tools 

·      Analyze company financial records, including revenue, expenditure and cycle turnover of account receivables to promote and maintain financial stability; consolidate and analyze monthly results and budgets; create and deliver presentations, providing recommendations on short- and long- range ROI to management and potential investor 

·      Analyze daily inventory of product, assist in coordinate cost collection for budget planning purposes including researching, locating, evaluating and making initial contacts with potential fitting shipping contractors/suppliers locally and internationally to maximize cost utilities within company’s budget constraints; acting as a liaison between shipping contractors/suppliers and company management to maintain long-term relationship with stable shipping suppliers 

·      Develop management training program, brand education and on-boarding procedures, monitor staff performance for the purpose of maintaining employee's professional and technical knowledge 

·      Perform brand management analyses, evaluate client satisfaction by designing conducting and analyzing targeted market feedbacks; properly interpret analytical results and comparing the same with standards set out within petitioner's service manual to recommend procedure improvements; follow-up with clients and discuss new market trending and new products with business owner 


Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management or related fields

Work Location: 1520 Washington Ave, Miami Beach FL 33139

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